IEEES-9, Split, Croatia

We have attended the 9th International Exergy, Energy and Environment Symposium, which was held in Split, Croatia, between May 14-17, 2017. The following papers were presented orally: Atacan, O.F., Ouellette, D., Colpan, C.O. Three Dimensional and Two Phase Modeling of a Flowing Electrolyte – Direct Methanol Fuel Cell. 9th International Exergy, Energy […]

Research Center and University Visits in Germany and Belgium

Dr. Colpan and Dr. Ouellette visited The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) in Freiburg, Germany and The Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics at the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt -DLR) in Stuttgart, Germany. In both of these institutes, ongoing fuel cell research projects and future collaboration […]

Undergraduate Project Competition – 2015

Congratulations to the following students who participated and won prizes in the undergraduate project competitions. – First prize in the third traditional interdisciplinary project competition organized by the Faculty of Engineering of Dokuz Eylul University “Manufacturing and testing of direct methanol fuel cells with different methods”, Adnan ÖZDEN, Mustafa ERÇELİK, Dilan ERDOĞDU, Hatice ÖZKARA […]


Dr. Colpan attended the second TUBITAK-CONACYT Workshop in Mexico City, Mexico between June 11-12, 2015. Turkish and Mexican researchers made presentations on their research areas and discussed possible collaboration in a joint project.  

2015 Conferences

We have attended 4 conferences to make oral and poster presentations in 2015; and published 5 papers in the proceedings of these conferences. 1) Atacan, O.F., Gencalp, U., Colpan, C.O. Akan Elektrolitli-Doğrudan Metanollü Yakıt Pilinin Üç Boyutlu Modelinin Geliştirilmesi. Proceedings of the TESKON 2015, Izmir, Turkey, April 8-11, 2015. (Oral […]

Some of the projects presented in the Undergraduate Research Day (2013-2014 Fall Term) [Poster]

  • Thermodynamic Analysis of Gumuskoy Geothermal Power Plant (Omer Katirci)

Gumuskoy Geothermal Power Plant

  • Design and Manufacturing of a Wind Turbine and Studying the Effect of Number of Blades on the Performance (Onuray Halis)

Wind Turbine by Onuray Halis 

  • Numerical Analysis of Air Flow and Heat Transfer in Domestic and Commercial Refrigerators (Enes Samed Em and Mustafa Dugral)


  • Hydrogen Production Using Photovoltaic Cells through Electrolysis of Water (Ahmet Tosun and Ferhat Armutcuoglu)

  •  Design and Manufacturing of a Viscosity Measurement Device (Muhittin Kursun, Ugur Kiracbedel, Zulal Kizilaslan, Bener Kubat, Erdem Cemil Kurt, and Eray Nalcaci) 

Geothermal Power Plant Visit

We visited a geothermal power plant in Aydin. There is an ongoing project on integrating parabolic solar trough collectors to the existing plant to enhance the plant’s performance.