Seminar – Dr. Akihiro Kushima

Dr. Akihiro Kushima (a Research Scientist in the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)) will give a seminar titled ‘In Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy for Energy Storage Materials’ in the Seminar room of the Mechanical Engineering Department (1B11) on April 6, 2016 (Wednesday) at 10:30 am. All the […]

Adnan Ozden

Congratulations to Adnan Ozden (a recent graduate of DEU Mechanical Eng. Dpt.) for being accepted to the M.A.Sc. program in Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering Department of University of Waterloo in Canada. He will also be a research assistant in the same department under the supervision of Prof. Feridun Hamdullahpur.   […]

Dr. David Ouellette’s post-doctoral fellowship

Dr. David Ouellette has started as a post-doctoral researcher in the Mechanical Engineering Department of Dokuz Eylul University on January 25, 2016. He will stay in Izmir for one year to conduct research on the ongoing direct methanol fuel cell projects.

Dr. Farshid Zabihian’s Visit

Dr. Farshid Zabihian from the West Virginia University Institute of Technology (Montgomery, WV, USA) visited Dokuz Eylul University through the TUBITAK 2221 program. During his visit, he gave a seminar on his previous and ongoing research activities, discussed future collaboration opportunities on fuel cells and met with other colleagues in […]

Seminar – Metin Yaras

Prof. Metin Yaras (head of the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering of Carleton University) visited the Mechanical Engineering Department of Dokuz Eylul University and gave a seminar on the research activities of his department on October 27, 2015. Several MSc and PhD students as well as some faculty members […]

Graduation Ceremony – 2015

Congratulations to all 2015 graduates of the Faculty of Engineering. Adnan Ozden graduated with the highest ranking among all students in the Faculty of Engineering and delivered the opening speech in the ceremony. Adnan Ozden and Onur Kadem graduated with highest honor (3.5<GPA<4) and received their awards. Adnan Ozden, Mustafa […]

Undergraduate Project Competition – 2015

Congratulations to the following students who participated and won prizes in the undergraduate project competitions. – First prize in the third traditional interdisciplinary project competition organized by the Faculty of Engineering of Dokuz Eylul University “Manufacturing and testing of direct methanol fuel cells with different methods”, Adnan ÖZDEN, Mustafa ERÇELİK, Dilan ERDOĞDU, Hatice ÖZKARA […]


Dr. Colpan attended the second TUBITAK-CONACYT Workshop in Mexico City, Mexico between June 11-12, 2015. Turkish and Mexican researchers made presentations on their research areas and discussed possible collaboration in a joint project.  

2015 Conferences

We have attended 4 conferences to make oral and poster presentations in 2015; and published 5 papers in the proceedings of these conferences. 1) Atacan, O.F., Gencalp, U., Colpan, C.O. Akan Elektrolitli-Doğrudan Metanollü Yakıt Pilinin Üç Boyutlu Modelinin Geliştirilmesi. Proceedings of the TESKON 2015, Izmir, Turkey, April 8-11, 2015. (Oral […]

Desa Enerji Visit

We visited Desa Enerji on May 21, 2015. The cogeneration plant was introduced; and possible ways of future research collaborations were discussed.